Selected long(er) form journalism


“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Structural Violence,” Cincinnati Review, forthcoming this spring issue.


“Ghazal For Hispañiola,” “Kissing Cousins,” BOAAT Press Magazine, September/October 2016 issue.


“Chivo Expiatorio” in The Raleigh Review, Volume 6, No.2, Fall 2016


“Antonio Machado to Miguel de Unamuno, after the death of Antonio’s wife: December, 1910” in Gulf Coast Literary Journal, issue 27.2, Houston, Texas. April 2015.  


“Playa de Andres,” “Gideon’s Bible,” “Roble,” “Creole Hegemony,” “Immigrant Fiction #1,” “Aboard el Pícaro,” “Telenovela,” “Lincoln con Kenney, 1989,” “Immigrant fiction #2,” & “Blackout” in Small Axe Literary Review, issue 47, Columbia University department of Anthropology, New York, NY. Forthcoming, July 2015


“Gideon’s Bible,” “Brother, please,” & “All grace is false” in Bodega Magazine, issue 30, Brooklyn, NY. Forthcoming February 2015


“Instruction In the Art of Filming Atomic Bombs” in The Baffler, issue 26, Cambridge, Massachusetts. November 2014


“Instruction in the Art of Filming Atomic Bombs (first ten sections redacted),” in Industrial Lunch Magazine, issue 3, Amherst, Massachusetts. December 2014


“Grandma I love you but you’re a fascist” in LunaLuna magazine’s web based “30 Latin@ poets” series. Brooklyn, NY. September 2014

“Today’s Infidelity,” & “Beach Reading” in The Weekly Rumpus, issue 4, Brooklyn, NY. April 2014


“Karl Marx’s Funeral” in Keep This Bag Away from Children, Issue 3, Brooklyn, NY. October 2013


“Commute,” “She-bop shemá,” &“Huechalafquen” in Cricleshow, volume 6, Seattle WA. July 2011.